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The Library :

Visions of the immense store of knowledge are in the library. It is such a lake that cools our knowledge base. Library is the heart of the school. Library is the place that educates in real sense. The school has approximately 30,000 books on various subjects. The number of books keeps increasing every year. Each class is scheduled to have at least one library period per week in which students can get books of their interest from the library for study. : Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly 40 papers - magazines are ordered regularly in the school Reading room.


In order to inculcate the spirit of social service in library socially productive productive work and social service (SUPW) children to develop study, contemplation and thinking in female students, a free SUPW camp is organized for students from Yachya Uttari to Dasham. In which different types of information are given and useful items are made.

Emphasis is laid on health, water and environmental protection and developing a sense of national love. Various competitions are held. This year also this camp was organized, in which the students planted trees. The students were informed about the topic "Beti Bachao - Beti Padhao" and various competitions were organized in which the students who secured first and second positions were awarded. Computer education In the modern scientific era, computer education fulfills their professional objectives to make the students employment oriented and develop scientific outlook among them. Our school is full of new learning tools. Here, related education is imparted to them through computer and projector. Computer education is imparted to students from class III. Library and reading room.